How We Work


KBC leverages engagement and collaboration by combining the assets of the public and private sectors in novel ways to create effective and sustained solutions for parks.

Way back when, park users had a simple expectation of city parks departments – clean, safe and beautiful. Today park leaders and users recognize the power of parks in creating community, addressing personal health and environmental issues and being part of a city’s economic development strategy.

In order to achieve more complex goals and to serve more diverse users, urban parks typically need both skillful public leadership and engaged community members. Public/private partnerships are essential. The best way to secure a sustainable future for these parks is to broaden the base of people who invest effort, energy and resources into them. A governance framework must embrace collaboration and set up the players to be effective collaborators.

Sample Projects List

  • 21st Century Parks:  Supported the organization with community engagement and education programming ideas in support of the addition of almost 4000 park acres to Louisville’s park system.
  • Miami Dade County Parks, Recreation Open Spaces Department and The Trust for Public Land: Consulting on governance and project implementation strategies for Miami-Dade County’s greenway system and development of the Western Greenways project.
  • Minneapolis Downtown Council: Assisted the Downtown Council in the development and implementation of a governance and business plan for a parks and open space conservancy.
  • Ecliptic at Rose Parks Circle Park, Grand Rapids, MI: Consulted with The Frey Foundation and the City in creating the Ecliptic at Rosa Parks Circle Conservancy to help steward the city’s signature park and art piece.
  • Chicago Parks Foundation: Completed a strategic plan for the new foundation in partnership with the Chicago Park District.