What We Do

Scoping and Business Development

Shaping a business strategy that that is clear and can mobilize project teams can be a challenge. KBC analyzes and tracks trends and best practices that are relevant to parks and conservation. Focusing on the key elements of a parks strategy including community engagement, governance and revenue generation KBC looks at ways that strategic planning can increase performance.

Engagement and Collaboration

The complexity of park management issues and the reduction in public funding has meant the emergence of more partnerships – and with it the question of how leaders can develop collaborative working relationships. KBC helps with navigating a path to partnerships, sharpening clarity on goals, and facilitating an effective working relationship.


It’s often not the tools–organizations have them and even know what works – it is implementation of them that is challenging. A sustained commitment is critical. The clearer an organization’s needs and goals are, the more likely it will attract the partners, funding and resources to be successful. KBC assists with action planning that sharpens the focus of project plans and the process of how organizations do their work.